About Us


Raising the standard of canopy flight through determination, discipline and dedication to learning.
Website: www.flight-1.com
Office Phone: (386) 898-1932
As the leading provider of canopy coaching and instruction in the sport of skydiving, Flight-1 works with canopy pilots of all experience levels around the globe. Over one thousand skydivers in more than twelve different countries go through a Flight-1 course each year. 

Powered by the PD Factory Team, Flight-1 continually develops its programs and curriculum to ensure they stay relevant and targeted to the changing demands of today’s skydiver, making canopy flight education affordable, challenging and rewarding. Whether you are a newly licensed skydiver, a regular fun jumper or a high performance canopy pilot, Flight-1 has a course to suit your goals. 

Determination, Discipline and Dedication to Learning.

PD Factory Team

The PD Factory Team's overall mission is to explore all facets of parachute flight including excellence in competition, high-speed parabatics, synchronized team landings, mountain flying expeditions, and remote location object and water swooping.
Dream - Imagine the possibilities beyond the known boundaries of human flight.

Believe – Trust in ourselves, our teammates, and our vision.

Achieve – Work together to overcome all obstacles towards a common goal.

Inspire - Empower others to push their own limits and make their dreams a reality.