USED GEAR: PDFT Javelin Odyssey Container

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The Javelin Odyssey has set the standard for safety, comfort and durability since 2001. The choice of more world champions than any other harness container system, the Odyssey continues today as one of the most popular in the world.

  • Spacer Foam back pad offers “standoff” between the rig and the jumpers back, allowing air to circulate, keeping the wearer cooler than a standard back-pad
  • Stainless steel rings at the hips and chest provide a pivot point for the main lift web.
  • Custom embroidery of PD Factory Team Logos
  • Wing Suit Modification/Corners
  • Kill line pilot chute with Freefly handle
  • Easy Grip Dive Loops
  • AAD Compatible
  • Cut-In Laterals
  • Phat Daddy Cutaway Handle
  • Low Drag Swoop Risers

For canopy compatibility sizing information, please visit SUNPATH.

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